Child Painting Workshops

Workshops designed for kids to have lots of fun making art, often in ways that are just a little outside the box. Workshops vary in structure. 

~Canvas Story Time: At these painting workshops children are given a canvas that has pre-drawn picture to paint in after Rachel reads the story to the class. Painting done with brushes or as finger painting.

~Free Paint: Rachel helps guide the kids as they create their own original artwork, varies by age group.

~Abstract Blast: This workshop is a free art time for kids to really let any creative spark loose. The group makes abstract art from anything; from toilet paper rolls to ping pong balls to leaves to toy cars, they really let their imaginations go wild.

~Rock Painting: Have you heard of Kindness Rocks? There is a local group that hides rocks for kids and adults to find to spread kindness.

Workshops are held during the summer months at local parks. 

2019 dates TBA

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