Mini canvas paintings

Late one evening, while cleaning my studio, I came across some tiny wrapped canvas boards that had disappeared in clutter. There were several 1.5 inch squares and some 3 inch squares; all so preciously sweet. The small white canvas made me smile and instead of going to bed, I got my detail paint brushes out. "Hummingbird" was created that night and I instantly fell in love with painting on  tiny canvases. I am very excited to see how this collection grows with time!

Click on any of the photos in the gallery below to get information on the painting. You might be surprised at how small the paintings actually are!

Can I purchase these paintings?

 The small originals are not for sale at this time, however there are still ways for the artworks to get in your home or office. I have carefully photographed the canvases to produce reproductions of these paintings in print form. Reproductions options include cardstock, photo paper, canvas printing, magnets, or even a throw pillow. 

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